Zen Tails® divides the world into three.

The Enlightened Masters or Teachers represent the absolute best in human qualities. The Students who following the guidance of their teachers, sometimes get a little lost. Finally The Fools, who have turned their back on the great teachings and consequently suffer the effects of negative feelings and emotions.

Each category is further divided into three so the Masters are represented by the threefold paths of Knowledge, Love and Action.
These are personified by Shri Shelly the Tortoise, Guru Walter Wombat and Saint Bernard.

The Students have qualities of studiousness - Gilber B. Beaver, compassion - Pierre Potamas and fearlessness - Bruno Beagle.

Finally The Fools representing negative qualities and emotions are portrayed by Grizzel Bear - Anger, Monkey - Agitation and Fur Ball the cat representing sloth and greed.