Overview of Zen Tails: Primary Values Program.

Zen Tails® Primary Values program for Children 8-10yrs addresses fundamental questions which must be faced by each of us as we move through life. These questions are simple enough to be understood by young children, yet profound enough to warrant a lifetime of study, reflection and practice.

The Zen Tails® Primary Values program is based on the ground-breaking Zen Tails® children’s picture books. Each Zen Tail® book is beautifully illustrated and contains the original ancient story as well as a moral.

By working through the Zen Tails® Primary Values program, students will develop and refine skills which will enrich their lives and aid them in other areas of study.

These skills include:

  • Recalling a plot
  • Examining character traits
  • Interpreting stories and incidents within stories
  • Relating these stories to their own experience
  • Testing assertions in the light of experience
  • Listening to others and understanding their points of view
  • Modifying their own point of view in light of shared discussion
  • Defending and arguing in support of an interpretation
  • Responding to and assessing others’ arguments